-Жень,сгоняй за пивом!

-что?! Это олигархическое проявление тирании социума,вы меня эксплуатируете,это фиаско,я клопсирую как личность! -Так,отставить пиво,Жень,отсыпь немного!

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Hi guys. I was wondering if some kind soul had the good sense to save "Track 7. Live at All Tomorrow's Parties, 2001" as it was presented to this community in early February of this year. If you did, could you upload it somewhere so that I could save it? That song sure was something.

new boreal network remix

posted this one on twoism too

I tried my hand at remixing 1986 Summer Fire, one of my favorite songs by BoC (their little vignettes are always my favorites!) because A) it's semi-secret B) i was born during the summer of 1986 so that makes me the 1986 summer fire. ...yep.

Download it here.

lemme know what you think
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