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killer beatz 
09:03pm 14/10/2007
  today me and my friend henrique went to his house and recorded some music. we used two old keyboards, the kind you get when you're like 8, and one miniKORG, and one microphone. and one delay pedal. and one wah pedal. it was good.

1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/j3m00d
2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/iaipdq
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01:19pm 13/10/2007

New track on my myspace page - check it out. Feedback and comments are always welcome - its the only way I can grow. :-)


Love and peace to all of you.

Rocky Lolo
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New remix by BoC coming next month 
02:57pm 11/10/2007
  Boards of Canada, Islands, Xiu Xiu Join Why? on Single

Avant-rap folkie Why? (aka Yoni Wolf) and crew are set to release a pair of 12"s for new single "The Hollows" in the U.S. and the Europe on Anticon and Tomlab, respectively. The Anticon-issued "Hollows" single is due November 19, and in addition to the title track, it sports a remix by Dntel, and covers of older Why? tracks by Xiu Xiu and Half-Handed Cloud.

The Euro Tomlab single-- out November 18 but subject to change-- gets a Board of Canada remix and covers by both Dump (James McNew of Yo La Tengo's other thing) and Islands. Hey, Boards of Canada! Glad to hear you guys are still around.

"The Hollows" features the three main Why? dudes (Yoni Wolf, Josiah Wolf, Doug McDiarmid) along with guest stars Doseone (Subtle), Nedelle (the Curtains/Cryptacize), and Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson of Fog.

But wait, a single generally accompanies an album, right? Correct. Alopecia, the forthcoming Why? LP, will drop March 11 from Anticon in the States. Again, Tomlab will handle things in Europe, though the release date for that has not been nailed down. "By Torpedo or Crohn's", the track that Dntel remixes on "The Hollows" U.S. single, and "Good Friday", the song Boards of Canada tackle on the Euro version, will also be included on Alopecia. Yup, they're releasing remixes before the originals.

Why? currently have exactly one tour date scheduled, and it's a special one. They'll play New York's Knitting Factory this Sunday, October 14, and the cost of admission is exactly $1.00. Being cheap, the thing's gonna sell out fast, so be a smarty and shoot an e-mail to whyrsvp@gmail.com to guarantee entry.

U.S. "Hollows":

A1 The Hollows
A2 By Torpedo or Crohn's (Dntel remix)
B1 Xiu Xiu: "Yoyo Bye Bye"
B2 Half-Handed Cloud: "Pre-teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Medley)"

European "Hollows":

A1 The Hollows
A2 Good Friday (Boards of Canada remix)
B1 Dump: "Yoyo Bye Bye"
B2 Islands: "Broken Crow"

Russian BoC community 
04:32pm 05/10/2007
  ohh,god dem,nobody post in russian boc community,it like this boc community! why do?  
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10:47am 03/10/2007
  so I finally dug out my copy of MHTRTC and was amazed all over again, any word on them doing anything post-TCH? Other than the EP i mean...  
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Hello dudes, 
04:53pm 02/10/2007
  I got World Clubing Triphop mp3,and i find BoC there.Hmm... it was track from Geogadi.  
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stuff for people who like free stuff 
04:09pm 25/09/2007
mood: spankity
and things for people who like things that are free!

i (boreal network) released a new lo-bit album which some of you may enjoy.

it is called bikehigh usa. load it down: because it's only 3.5 Megs

don't anybody be mean to delmar777, thanks to him this community is finally remotely interesting to check out once in a while!
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04:32pm 13/09/2007
mood: angry
I am not a spammer! I posted jokes yesterday,not a spamm!
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11:12pm 13/09/2007
  I found this to be very BoC-ish...Collapse )  
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There is nothing about BoC,in this community. 
11:26am 13/09/2007
mood: cold
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04:29am 13/09/2007
  Have a nice day today!  
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Как называется человек без левого уха,левого глаза,левой руки и левой ноги? -ALL RIGHT 
06:25pm 12/09/2007
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-Жень,сгоняй за пивом! 
04:04pm 12/09/2007
  -что?! Это олигархическое проявление тирании социума,вы меня эксплуатируете,это фиаско,я клопсирую как личность! -Так,отставить пиво,Жень,отсыпь немного!  
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boards of canada it is ambient,or idm? 
10:29am 12/09/2007
  I think, BoC is ethnic brain music.I am right,didnt?  
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It's too quiet in here 
04:57pm 24/08/2007
A free EP 
03:49pm 22/07/2007
  Hey dudes

I forgot to post this waaaaay back on July 5th.

I'm not gonna crowd this LJ up with unnecessary stuff, so I'll be brief.

I released an EP. It's for free. Download it?

Click here for details + link.
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Boc music in commercial 
12:32am 21/07/2007
  Rue the whirl in mercedes advert:

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05:01pm 22/06/2007
  Hi guys. I was wondering if some kind soul had the good sense to save "Track 7. Live at All Tomorrow's Parties, 2001" as it was presented to this community in early February of this year. If you did, could you upload it somewhere so that I could save it? That song sure was something.  
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new boreal network remix 
01:13am 16/06/2007
mood: good
posted this one on twoism too

I tried my hand at remixing 1986 Summer Fire, one of my favorite songs by BoC (their little vignettes are always my favorites!) because A) it's semi-secret B) i was born during the summer of 1986 so that makes me the 1986 summer fire. ...yep.

Download it here.

lemme know what you think
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early synthesizers 
11:46am 11/06/2007
  How the Doctor Who theme was created, and one of the most musically awesome YouTube videos:

PS... happy belated June 9th!
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