New remix by BoC coming next month

Boards of Canada, Islands, Xiu Xiu Join Why? on Single

Avant-rap folkie Why? (aka Yoni Wolf) and crew are set to release a pair of 12"s for new single "The Hollows" in the U.S. and the Europe on Anticon and Tomlab, respectively. The Anticon-issued "Hollows" single is due November 19, and in addition to the title track, it sports a remix by Dntel, and covers of older Why? tracks by Xiu Xiu and Half-Handed Cloud.

The Euro Tomlab single-- out November 18 but subject to change-- gets a Board of Canada remix and covers by both Dump (James McNew of Yo La Tengo's other thing) and Islands. Hey, Boards of Canada! Glad to hear you guys are still around.

"The Hollows" features the three main Why? dudes (Yoni Wolf, Josiah Wolf, Doug McDiarmid) along with guest stars Doseone (Subtle), Nedelle (the Curtains/Cryptacize), and Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson of Fog.

But wait, a single generally accompanies an album, right? Correct. Alopecia, the forthcoming Why? LP, will drop March 11 from Anticon in the States. Again, Tomlab will handle things in Europe, though the release date for that has not been nailed down. "By Torpedo or Crohn's", the track that Dntel remixes on "The Hollows" U.S. single, and "Good Friday", the song Boards of Canada tackle on the Euro version, will also be included on Alopecia. Yup, they're releasing remixes before the originals.

Why? currently have exactly one tour date scheduled, and it's a special one. They'll play New York's Knitting Factory this Sunday, October 14, and the cost of admission is exactly $1.00. Being cheap, the thing's gonna sell out fast, so be a smarty and shoot an e-mail to to guarantee entry.

U.S. "Hollows":

A1 The Hollows
A2 By Torpedo or Crohn's (Dntel remix)
B1 Xiu Xiu: "Yoyo Bye Bye"
B2 Half-Handed Cloud: "Pre-teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Medley)"

European "Hollows":

A1 The Hollows
A2 Good Friday (Boards of Canada remix)
B1 Dump: "Yoyo Bye Bye"
B2 Islands: "Broken Crow"