Turqoise Hexagon Lamp?

Anytime a hexagonal, turqoise-tinged light source is present, only one thought comes to mind. This happened when I was watching some Devo music videos. "R U Experienced?," to be exact. It is only in a few (maybe) second long cuts. Does not seem enough for an inspiration for a song/studio name, but who knows.


Sorry if this has been brought up before. It was just too uncanny (it has basicaly all of the adjectives and functions of the song title)

there's a video

of me playing the ocarina horribly to roygbiv on youtube! everyone is gettting so mad at it though and is like "TAKE THIS OFF NOW! YOU ARE DISGRACING BOARDS OF CANADA" . if any of you have seen it, you shoudl probably know that it isn't serious at all. it was made as a joke, i don't even know how to play the ocarina. jeez.