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I made a mix for some people, thought I would share.

'End of Winter'

1hr, 90MB


01. Loscil - Chinook [Kranky 2006]
02. Svarte Greiner - The Boat Was My Friend [Type 2006]
03. Machinefabriek - Roes.3 [CDr 2005]
04. Swod - Nein [City Centre Offices 2004]
05. Rachel's - Water from the Same Source [Quarterstick 2003]
06. Clint Mansel - Death is the Road to Awe [Nonesuch 2006]
07. Hannu - Haapavesi [Osaka 2006]
08. Broken Social Scene - Love and Mathematics [Arts & Crafts 2005]
09. I'm Not a Gun - Slowly Discovering [City Centre Offices 2004]
10. Mice Parade - Snow [White Wabbit 2007]
11. Yasume - 2112 Crescent Heights [City Centre Offices 2003]
12. Andrea Belfi - Extraevil [Häpna 2006]
13. Jaga Jazzist - Cinematic [Ninja Tune 2002]

Enjoy :)

OT: MJ Designs

tracks from an upcoming album im working on MJ Designs can be found on my myspace

i make anti-mash up music - its music that follows under the same idea of mashup but instead of the intention being to match beats and rhythms and make it danceable it is more about music expressionism and chaos

the album is about lonely men, anti-social disorders, broken hearts, rape and suicide - but its a lot more fun than it sounds! lol

here are the tracks from mj designs that are available to dl and stream

"Communication is the key"

funny, sad, creepy, intense, noisy and pretty song

starring michael jackson,ryan gosling, philip seymour hoffman and bjork

written by kevin smith(ghost written by quentin tarantino's coke addiction)

directed by matthew barney's personal assistant "Football"

rated pg-13(for crude sexual references, audio violence, and sexual content involving minors)

reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out
reaching out

"Daniel is a Lonely Boy"

a song for daniel johnston - intensely sad and isolating - this one contains no humor(actually none of them do depending on your perspective)

"Lonely Boy World"

a song about break ups, detachment from ones sane self, and rape

"Romantic Getaway"

RAPE!!! another michael jackson fueled song

My Music...

I thought I'd post a link to my MySpace up here in case anyone's interested and has the time.
Used to be an on/off user of the community, but have been away for a while and haven't checked in for some time.

Let me know what you think?

Cheers loads & Thanks very much
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I have been listening to Zander Two all day long.
I've been oddly obsessed with analyzing it; BoC subliminal messaging at it's finest, I think.
It draws me in almost like a mystery; and it definitely has undertones of mystery and a certain dread to it such as a mystery that turns out to be rather gruesome.
This song has inspired me and I just thought I'd share hehe.
Have any BoC songs been stuck in any of your heads lately?
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