snowblinded (snowblinded) wrote in boardsofcanada,

Closes Volume 2???

I wanted to let everybody know that there are some mysterious boc tracks floating around soulseek. Its not oranges and flowers, 106, a few old tunes, or any of the old material. It first surfaced about 2-3 weeks ago. It sounds like an old promo/album to me. And it’s been ripped from cassette tape. As far as I can tell there are 13 songs. The quality is low with the common tape hiss. The interesting part is the actual mixing of tracks sounds more professional than a few old tunes. It sounds like it comes from the twoism era or a little before. Maybe it's Closes Volume 2? To find the release on slsk, search for "boards of canada demo" or "boards of canada tape." I am a huge boc fan and I'm interested to see what people think? My slsk handle: alpinaluna, feel free to DL it, if I'm online.

btw - Has anybody suggested that the "new release for 2004" is Marcus' baby?? just a thought....
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