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The Hexagon Sun's Journal
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

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Sound like Boards...
I m listening to boards from 1996.I consider them one of the best electronic bands ever.Love them.
I m trying to find artists that sound like them.
I m posting one now.Next week i ll post others too.
Check out melorman (myspace.com/melorman).Here is an mp3 from one of his releases.As i read his blog he will release shortly on cd.Looking forward.
I m posting this for promotional reason only.hope you ll like it.

Melorman's "Far Away Morning" e.p

  • 01. Mushrem (02:18)
  • 02. Melgar (03:41)
  • 03. Plodder (04:26)
  • 04. Kalimeer (04:02)
  • 05. Lemetrom (04:02)
  • 06. Yellow Fountain (04:03)
  • 07. Jerom (04:32)
  • 08. Laying On a tree (03:24)
  • 09. Lowerian (03:16)


Current Mood: artistic

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