November 1st, 2003


Show and Tell

Big thanks to those of you who are posting rare tracks and mixes.. now if only I'd been here when they were still available. ;)

When I burned a copy of my friend's BOC Maxima CD, I made my own artwork to go in the case. I thought perhaps someone might find it interesting. People always say that BoC evokes feelings of nostalgia and childhood, albeit sometimes with a warped sensibility, so I wanted something to capture that idea.

When I bought Geogaddi on the day of it's release, I was floored. I constantly read the BoC "newsgroup" on AudioGalaxy and loved the analysis of the more bizarre, ominous and obscure aspects and references in the music. Ever since then, some of the album has had a sinister feel to me, and tracks like "Opening The Mouth" are downright scary to listen to at night.

I can't help but think how much of the album would make an INCREDIBLE soundtrack to a very creepy psychological horror film. I would love to see BoC do some scoring a la Air in The Virgin Suicides.