October 20th, 2003


never bored of boards of canada

from the moment i first heard the name boards of canada i have sought to hear every song they have ever made. it took me two years to get my hands on "music has the right to children," which confirmed the magic i anticipated from such an aptly named group. at this point i had collected everything else released by them with the exception of the mysterious "a few old tunes" tracks. joining this community has finally brought those to me and i am totally grateful!

through my searches i found the following link that may already be familiar to many of you, but if it is not you will learn some interesting information:


also, i would like to pose a question to everyone here. is there a BoC song that, above all of their other awesome works, is your favorite or is the best in your mind? personally, i found "roygbiv" to be probably the most perfect song I have ever heard in my life. it raised the hairs on my neck the first time i heard it and several times since then i have found myself playing it over and over again, once for nearly 24 hours straight! in fact . . . . ( starts it up for just one more listen . . . . :D )

at any rate, i wanted to express my appreciation for this community and hope to contribute more in the future as it comes to my attention.
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