October 18th, 2003

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Can somebody fill me in on "A Few Old Tunes"? I mean, is it legit? Is it really a music70 release? Anybody know the story?

I can't find any real information on it, so I'm left very confused. I'd imagine that any sort of BoC release- underground or not, would certainly attract more attention.
doof doof

Man, SCREW free web space!

After having about a gazillion difficulties with free webspace, and just about giving up in frustration, I realized something:

I have a cable modem. I can just host these off my own computer!

So, after a little more wrangling (not much though, it's rather easy for the most part), I've set up my computer as a server.

NOTE: please don't download more than one at a time. This is my computer for personal use as well, not a dedicated server. It's not like I have a bandwidth limit, it's just that I'd like to be able to make use of the internet while making these available for download. Thanks.

The songs are as follows:

Surfaise (BoC remix) by Michael Fakesch

Very interesting song, more ambient than most of their others, most likely due to the source material. If listened to from beginning to end, it's very pretty and swirling. It goes rather well with...

Poppy Seed (BoC remix) by Slag Boom Van Loon

which is a track in a very similar vein. It gets more complex than Surfaise does, though. It also features the sample of an interview with Amo Bishop Roden.

Dirty Great Marble (BoC remix) by Bubbah's Tum

This track is extremely beat heavy, probably also due to the source material, maybe not. But it's an interesting contrast between the first two tracks, and has lots of cut up vocal samples in it. It's an interesting listen, though not exactly my favorite.

June 9th

Not really a rare track, just one that I enjoy immensely.

Korona (as Hell Interface, I think)

Probably the fastest BoC track I know of. There are little snatches of the Sesame Street girl from "The Sound of Fire" here and there, as well.

Olson (Laconic Flow remix)

I don't know who did or when, as I can't find any information on it. I was looking for tracks from "A few old tunes" and I found this instead, so I downloaded it. I liked it a lot, so here it is!

And for the great finish, I have several tracks from "A few old tunes vol.2"

Is this actually Kiteracer 2? If somebody could tell me what the name of the track is, I'd appreciate it very much.

Dave (I'm a real traditionalist)
When I found it the title was "Dave came to Manaha'im," but looking back at the tracklisting I think that "Dave (I'm a real traditionalist)" is a bit more likely. Also of note: This track features the muted voice you can hear on "sixtyniner," though this time around you can clearly hear what it's saying.

I Love My New Shears
Not a whole lot to say about this one. It has an interesting title, though.

On a Rolling Sea
I absolutely love this track. It's just so..... pleasant. It reminds me of some sort of educational program intro song.

Sir Prancelot Brainfire
Very interesting piece, unlike anything I've ever heard before. I guess the title fits rather well, in that respect. Also, there's a sample in here that can also be heard in "orange romeda."

happy listening!