October 14th, 2003

Yay for this community!

I have been waiting a while for a community like this! To show my appreciation, I give you Soylent Night recorded as Hell Interface off the Whine and Missingtoe LP. I have some more rare stuff of the like, and I was wondering if anyone out there has the complete BoC Maxima that would be willing to do some trading for, yes? I have the Disengage set, which is just a bad quality version of all the BoC Maxima tracks all running together.

why didn't nobody think of this before?

thats hilarious. nobody ever thought of creating a community like this before? good thing someone did now! thanks! :)

anyway, I'm Stefan, 25 years old, from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I started my fandom of boards of canada by picking A beautiful place out in the country as the CD to buy with my coupon I got for reviewing music at Garageband. I instantly got addicted to it, and soon got Music has the right to children as well. Since the re-releases of the older stuff I've also gotten those, and of course the moment Geogaddi came out I got the limited edition with the useless but oh so beautiful special packaging. :)


I am Stefan

And I'm a BoC addict.

Peel Session - Unreleased XYZ

Hey everyone. I see a few of you have downloaded Soylent Night, so I thought I would share with you XYZ that was played on the John Peel Radio Show, but for some reason, didn't make the cut on the Peel Session EP.

download me!

Further info can be found here. (That site is full of all sorts of odd tidbits on BoC)

If anyone has mp3s of BoC Maxima that they are willing to share/trade, please let me know! I will post some other more obscure tracks in the coming days if you are all interested.