October 13th, 2003


First Post

Alright, first (and I really hope not only) post is to be made by me, since I made this thing. I'd just like to say that Boards Of Canada (Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin) are indeed the reason I got into electronic music, why I produce it, and why I now listen to it more or less exclusively. It was the blizzard of 2000, I was driving 40 miles home from work, and the trip took me 6 hours that day, but I didn't care because it gave me a chance to discover the program "Radio Tonic", broadcast then from WPRB at Princeton University (103.3 FM). They played Land Of The Loops, Plaid, Aphex Twin, and I was entertained as usual, but not enthralled until they played BOC's "Aquarius". And that, as they say, was that.

All I'll say about BOC is this: If you don't mind being saddened by music in a way that makes you happy, and nostalgic in a way that makes you feel like a kid again, then this is the place for you. I'll leave it up to you to fill in the rest, and by the way, this is REALLY the place for you if you can find any rare/good BOC shit out there, interviews, photos, info, discogs, mp3s, anything. Post and enjoy.

-Zack (bungeebot)
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As sort of an introduction here...

Hello all! My name is Andrew, and I just joined up here, as bungeebot plugged it in his journal (he created the community, after all).

I'll have to admit that at first I hated the Boards of Canada. When I first heard them 2 years ago as a 14 year old, it was only the first minute and a half of "Everything you do is a balloon." Ever being the fanatic of Amon Tobin's spastic, 200 bpm speedfreak jazz, I unceremoniously tossed the mp3 into the trash.

Fast forward one and a half years later, and I'm looking for squarepusher reviews at various music sites. I stumble on a review for "Music has the Right to Children," and I hear some glowing words about them. I keep this in mind, and later at my library take a look for them. Our library has a fairly complete electronica collection, including everything from the obscure (u-ziq) to extremely obscure (Raymond Scott). Lo and behold, I find a copy of Music has the Right to Children.

When I finally get around to put it in for a play, the sun is setting on a cloudy day in the early autumn. I pop it in, and sit on the bed to do my homework. After the first two tracks, I'm no longer doing my homework, but staring wistfully at the dark intense sky outside, watching crows circle around the swirling leaves below. Since then, I've been hooked. I don't do drugs, never have, never will, but I do believe I've finally found addiction. I love the Boards of Canada.... (eyes glaze over)

Anyway, I've managed to find a few of the rarer BoC tracks out there, and over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be uploading them.

First off is "From One Source All Things Depend:"

The bonus track on Geogaddi, available only on the (correct me if I'm wrong) Japanese release. It's an odd track, consisting mainly of young children praying and telling who they think that God is. Soft synths and horns come in eventually, and last until the track ends. The overall feel is kind of odd... it reminds me of all the fears put into kids by society: fear of the law, of parents, of god and the devil, stuff like that. No wonder we all needed a stuffed animal to sleep next to at night when we were kids.

From One Source All Things Depend

Next up is "Xentrix."

Frankly, this one confuses me. It's very early Boards material, back from when they were under the group name "Hell Interface." And then, it's not even music at all. It's a computerized voice (think: something like macintalk, you know, the voice on radiohead's "fitter happier") telling the story of a boy and his dog, who is named Xentrix. It's an.... interesting story, to say the least. I'm sure it means something, but I'm not sure what. Sorry for the poor sound quality, it's all I could find.

The track was released on a 40-minute compilation CD given away at Warp's 2002 pool party.

Xentrix (Boards of Canada as Hell Interface)

I have a few other mp3s that I will try to make available for download as soon as possible. As it is, my easyspace account is running low and my other host doesn't allow mp3's. I'm getting a 7host.com account, and then I'll be able to share the rest with everyone.

These tracks include: Poppy Seed (Boc remix, originally by Slag Boom Van Loon), Surfaise (Boards of Canada-Trade Winds Remix, originally by Michael Fakesch), five tracks from "A few old tunes vol. 2," June 9th (okay, this shouldn't be rare, but It's rather hard to find anyway), Olson (Laconic Flow remix -- obviously not a remix by BoC, probably by some independent artist, but I have no info concerning him or her), Dirty great marble (Boards of Canada remix, originally by Bubbah's Tum), Korona (as Hell Interface), and maybe one or two others.

I know that for people with soulseek, these are probably relatively easy to find, but for poor macusers like me.... it gets reeeaaaallly tough.