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B o C producing for artists...

Saw this advertised on the web recently - thought people might be interested to see Boards of Canada are producing records for other people now. Quite interesting I thought.

Still unable to track down these tracks anywhere...


Sat 7th JUNE 2008

Doors 8pm / £5 Pounds Sterling


The SEXUAL OBJECTS & REMEMBER REMEMBER with dj action by Port Sulphur

The Creeping Bent Organisation present a new pre-club evening at the Glasgow School of Art. On the first Saturday of each month NEW BREED aims to provide a platform for the most interesting neo-pop emerging from the underground.

The SEXUAL OBJECTS is Fire Engines and The Nectarine No9 alum Davy Henderson's brand new trip. Two secret 7" singles have been released with a minimum of fuss on Creeping Bent ("Full Penetration") and Aufgeladen und Bereit ("Merrie England"). The Sexual Objects are currently in the studio working on tracks with the Boards of Canada on production duties. The Sexual Objects appearance at New Breed will be their first live performance. Here come the warm jets!


If anyone knows more about this would be interesting to find out more
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